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DIF transferred care centers to improve community services

Posted byShinji_Harper on Tuesday, June 30, 2009
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firma de convenio entre este municipio y los Servicios de Salud de Oaxaca (SSO), en el cual, los centros asistenciales formarán parte del Sistema Estatal de Salud. National Pinotepa Oaxaca.- To ensure continuity in the services provided by Basic Rehabilitation Units (UBR), the president of the National System for Integral Family Development (DIF) Salinas de Lourdes Ruiz, witnessed the signing of agreement between this county and Health Services of Oaxaca (SSO), in which health centers will be part of the State System of Health.


La presidenta del DIF, Lourdes Salinas y el Secretario de Salud en la firma de convenio realizado en Pinotepa Nacional

The president of DIF, Lourdes Salinas and the Secretary of Health in the signing of an agreement made in National Pinotepa

This is the first agreement that were to mark 25 different municipalities, ensuring permanence and professionalism of its staff and better equipment for patient care.


To the owner of the SSO, Martín Vásquez Villanueva, wife of Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, acknowledged that with the joint efforts will be achieved to ensure the care provided in these spaces to Oaxaca with disabilities, despite changes in local authorities .


Responsible for social welfare in the state considered that this initiative the number of people with disabilities, permanent or temporary, which may go to rehabilitation units will be expanded, as some will acquire a regional character.


Similarly, reiterated its commitment to continue working in coordination with municipal authorities and committees DIF to multiply the benefits to families statewide.


Meanwhile, the health secretary, Martin Vazquez Villanueva said that when sensitivity and willingness on the part of those who are in charge of municipalities and dependencies initiatives such as the signing of this agreement are specified.


He recalled the impulse that the president of DIF Oaxaca has given the Basic Rehabilitation Units and its concern to ensure proper operation and now its permanence and continuity of services they provide.


Finally, the official said the desire of Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz to achieve universal coverage of health services and this partnership will become effective this protection to all regions of Oaxaca.


After signing the agreement, Professor Lourdes Ruiz Salinas toured the Basic Unit for its new equipment and remodeling.


Finally, he visited the children who come to the Community Child Care Center (CAIC) which is appended to the UBR.


The event was also attended by the director of the State DIF, Musalem Karina Santiago, munícipe Jose Isidro Vazquez Toscano and the president of the municipal DIF, Ana Claudia Preciado Bathrooms

La presisenta estatal del DIF, reafirmó su compromiso para mejorar los servicios médicos a la población marginada de Oaxaca

Presisenta State DIF, reaffirmed its commitment to improving medical services to the underserved population of Oaxaca

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