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Contradictory economic package Calderon 2010, is recessive and

Posted byShinji_Harper on Thursday, September 17, 2009
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Oaxaca, México.- The economic package presented by the Federal Government for 2010 is part of a recessive economic policy, not encourage economic recovery, but will deepen the recession affecting the country, defined Kato Dr. Luis Maldonado, professor-researcher Department of Economics at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM).

Academician of the Azcapotzalco Unit stated that by 2010 the Federal Government will implement increases the price of gasoline, electricity, gas and also in the budget package will propose a tax of two percent to combat poverty in become real terms increased Value Added Tax (VAT).


The researcher said that the disappearance of the three secretaries of state -Tourism, Land Reform and case- not based on a study for efficient public management and is contrary to the countercyclical policies that apply in times of crisis, in that should be prioritized employment, when this action increases unemployment.

Cancellation of the Ministry of Tourism, he said, is contrary to the needs of boosting the presence of visitors to Mexico, as well as the reasons for this dependence, whose purpose was to develop and turn the country into a major destination was created worldwide.

He also noted that is nonsense to suggest that the work of the Secretariat of Public Service is absorbed by the Comptroller General of the Federation, under this institution depends on the Federal Executive, in this assumption is not appropriate to make the same government to audit and transparent governance. In this case the functions should correspond to the Superior Audit Office.

Falacia, el combate a la pobreza con nuevos impuestos

Fallacy, fighting poverty with new taxes

About assertions that the economic package for next year is focused on fighting poverty, Kato Maldonado said that this is a fallacy, because it has the same handout features deprived in government policy and that does not solve problems background of poverty.

According to the researcher what is proposed for 2010 is "less government", plus tax and the allocation of resources "and drabs" programs and actions that demand the economic reality of Mexico, so that "the population is paying the waste of surplus resources we had about high oil prices a few years ago. "

In Dr. Kato Maldonado opinion, as part of structural reforms, the current government will push for labor reform legal labor flexibility and versatility.



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