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Efficient environmental program, ask an expert to Gabino Cue

Posted byShinji_Harper on Saturday, October 30, 2010
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Oaxaca, México.- Given the lack of attention, financial resources and public environmental policies, the expert said Fausto Efren Burgoa Gabino Cue administration should develop a government program in which it is present in important ways the question environmental.

In an interview after participating in the "Panel   expert on public policy environment to Oaxaca ", held at the Interdisciplinary Center of Research for Regional Integral Development (CIIDIR-IPN) with the theme of   "Ecosystems, water and coastal"   He said that the incoming government should develop public policies from a holistic view.

gabinoambietal He also deputy director of Regional Integration Processes of SEMARNAT, said the environmental issue has been handled in a dispersed manner, "is in different areas of state government, so the urgency of working aligned, seeking to achieve greater resources" .

He said the current State Institute of Ecology has not had the ability or integrity to manage the resources and the development of environmental policies, so I proposed to replace it by a Secretariat.

In this regard stated: "E s important   for progress and advance steadily, you have full view of the environmental issue, integrated economic development, can not be displayed so estarse   differentiated economic development of environmental development. "

He mentioned that in the case of the issue of coastal areas, where it has had greater economic benefit, there has been an environmental policy that protects natural resources and also take advantage of balanced manner.

He recalled that Oaxaca has 20 municipalities with coastal influence, but   these communities have open dumps, industrial water are sent directly to the sea, and there is little or no integrated watershed management.

For the student, there must be coordination of institutions with responsibilities in the management of natural resources and the construction of a coordinating body, composed primarily with existing resources and if extreme low demand for additional resources.

It also considered   need agile and integrated institutional design, where issues of conservation and biodiversity management, planning and environmental mainstreaming is covering as well as management and environmental regulations.

The expert emphasized that these proposals are   primary aim to contribute to improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of the entity through sustainable use of the resources offered by the environment.

Moreover he mentioned that we need a regional ecological land in the state of Oaxaca.   He said that currently the SEMARNAT is doing a local rearrangement in the coastal municipalities of Santa María Tonameca and Villa Tututepec, work the state government did not give more importance.

In turn,   Marcelo García Guerrero, CIIDIR researcher said that many such problems can be solved through sustainable environmental management, have adequate policies and regulations, measures to save water and fuel, environmental education for children and young people, and adopt the reuse and recycling of water.

To achieve these goals-ended - the institutions of the Republic, researchers and   Gabino Cue government should always work in a coordinated manner.

The panel of experts on environmental policies held in the premises of CIIDIR-IPN on 28, 29 and 30 October was closed on Saturday with the presence of researchers and scholars who have worked in this area, and whose conclusions will delivered to the elected government of Gabino Cue to be taken into account in the National Development Plan 2010-2016.

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