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They release eight municipal following roundtable

Posted byShinji_Harper the Friday, December 31, 2010
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Oscar Valdivieso

Oaxaca, Mexico .- The General Secretary of Government, Piñeyro Irma Arias reported and under the tables of dialogue and consultation with the relay municipal authorities release eight of the fourteen municipalities made ​​by dissatisfied groups was achieved.

He said the released mayors Ixtayutla is in Santiago, the coast region; Laollaga Santiago, Santo Domingo Chihuitan, San Francisco Ixhuatán Juchitán Zaragoza, Guevea Humboltd Pineda and Reform of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and Tlacolula de Matamoros, in Central Valley.

Piñeyro Arias explained that as part of the policy dialogue and consensus that promotes Gov. Gabino Cue Monteagudo, efforts are made to solve the municipalities to reach agreements with political parties and organizations for integration under the law to integrate their respective municipalities.

"It must be remembered that the government is only helping in this process of consensus and to overcome differences in order to achieve a renewal of authorities in a climate of social peace," she said.

Piñeyro Arías, said that the state government will continue promoting dialogue as the only way to reconcile and listen to political actors, so that in the 152 municipalities by the political party system and 418 system-Manners and Customs, is performed within the framework of law and social peace.

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