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Urge preserve wetlands to development: RAMSAR

Posted byShinji_Harper on Wednesday, February 2, 2011
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OAXACA Mexico is one of the world's most active countries in implementing the criteria of the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance Ramsar and therefore was selected to host the continental celebration of World Wetlands Day.

So said Maria Rivera, Senior Advisor for the Americas of the Ramsar Convention, for activities of the Wetlands Festival, which is celebrated in this February 2 World Day of those ecosystems which takes place in Huatulco ,.

The international official said work in the country in relation to such ecosystems and indicated that "for over 10 years been heavily working on the issue from different points of view, which has positioned itself as the second country with more sites globally registered under the Ramsar Convention. Currently 160 countries have joined the convention. "

According to Rivera, the challenge today for Mexico and other nations with this type of ecosystem is "to maintain the ecological character of wetlands, seeking to address the economic development of the compatibility of conservation and rational use to ensure that allow these wetlands are maintained for future generations. "

He said it is essential to involve all stakeholders, especially local communities in the management process and decision making. "If we do not change the current development schemes really going to be very difficult to guarantee the maintenance of these sites in the future. Education and culture are essential to do things that are really effective pillars, "he said.

The Minister added that "while there is a development which deprive the economic aspect and not a vision that reconciles environmental goods and services, the world's wetlands will continue to be threatened."

In turn, the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas, Luis Fueyo Mac Donald, gave a lecture in which he highlighted the role played by Mexico to the Ramsar Convention and indicated that Conanp as the focal point of the RAMSAR convention holds the thesis that "in Mexico we need to reconcile with our past, considering that 2000 years ago splendid lakeside towns over large areas of wetlands on which civilization is built articulated."

Fueyo Mac Donald stated that wetlands are critical to the viability of Mexico and therefore the date 130 sites have been included in the list of Wetlands of International Importance, a figure that will rise tomorrow, when the RAMSAR Convention, announce the incorporation plus eight.

"There is a gradual process in which the federal government assumed full responsibility. Half of Mexican listed as RAMSAR sites you are within the National System of Natural Protected Areas and to ensure consevación has developed a major environmental laws, "he said.

He highlighted the achievements with the legislature, which has added to the national conservation policy, always taking into account the landowners and civil society. To complement this, he added, collaboration agreements with state governments, NGOs and universities to manage these important sites are managed.

Wetlands provide essential ecological services and are regulators of water regimes and major sources of biodiversity. Constitute a resource of great economic, scientific, cultural and recreational community; play an essential role in adapting to climate change and the mitigation

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