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Gabino Cue attend demands of the Oaxacan Mixteca

Posted byShinji_Harper on Saturday, March 12, 2011
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Oaxaca. Mexico. A few hours the Governor Gabino Cue Monteagudo spearhead in Huajuapan de León's third public hearing this year, officials of legal and extended cabinet installed state government on Friday the first working groups to address the main demands of the population and municipal authorities of the Oaxacan Mixteca.

Officials of the State Government set up the first workshops for senior public hearing of the Governor.

With broad citizen participation and the presence of 28 mayors in the region, public servants, among secretaries, directors and coordinators,, treated and released in response to various requests for social, as the transport sector, educational, agricultural , health and savings, among others.

In this community, considered the heart of the Oaxacan Mixteca, on instructions from the Governor Gabino Cue, Transportation Coordinator, Pedro Silva Salazar met with representatives of public transport in this area, -taxistas, materialistic and mototaxistas- who voiced the commitment of the state administration to regulate the transport sector and guarantee the rights of those who for many years have been devoted to this activity.

Similarly, the holder of the State Institute of Education of Oaxaca (IEEPO), Bernardo Vásquez Colmenares, toured various educational institutions accompanied by parents, professors and municipal authorities, who explained the programs and actions that the State Government provides education through scholarships, uniforms and equipment, through the Wellness Program.

The agricultural sector was one of the lines to which attention on these first workshops were given, as the Secretary of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Development, Solomon Jara, delivered machinery, equipment and agricultural technology to farmers in the Oaxacan Mixteca, as Program of the Alliance for the Countryside, with more than four million 560 thousand pesos investment.

In these meetings, attended by the coordinator of Modules for Sustainable Development, Albino Gerardo Gonzalez, Chief of the Office of Gubernatura, Héctor Pérez Iturribaría and private secretary of state executive, Benjamin Robles Montoya, public servants heard principal demands, such as: public works, services, drainage, water supply, sewerage, electricity, economic recovery, supporting sports and golf to name a few.

In the tables present were mayors of Tezoatlán de Segura y Luna, Jorge Ciprián Celis; Santiago Huajolotitlán, Eric Rojas Penaloza; San Jose Ayuquila, Pedro de Jesús Hernández Navarrete; Cacaloxtepec Santiago, Francisco Flores; Huajuapan, Círigo Francisco Villagomez; Santo Domingo Yodohino, Elpidio Cruz Martinez; San Marcos Arteaga, Rubén Gordillo Barragán and Santo Domingo Tonala, Arratia Araceli Guerrero.

Also the San Jerónimo Silacayoapilla Benjamin López Martínez; Zapotitlán Palmas, Antonio Zárate Acevedo; Mariscala de Juárez, Margarita Palacios; Santiago Ayuquililla, Emiliano Zambrano and San Andrés Dinicuiti, Franco Amaro.

On the side of the State Government officials attended the Ministry of Health, Tourism, Management, Coordination of Strategic Projects, the IOCIFED, Upper Secondary Education Science and Technology, Infrastructure and Sustainable Land Management, the Comptroller, Social and Human Development, Open Government, Labour and the State Housing Commission, among others.

With these actions, the administration of Governor Gabino Cue Monteagudo reaffirms its commitment to move to regions various government services and programs, so that the Oaxacan families take advantage of these benefits and thus improve their living conditions.

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