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Ratify appointment of district councilors IFE in Oaxaca

Posted by fortino on Saturday, December 31, 2011
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Oaxaca, Mexico. In special session, the General Council of the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) ratified the appointment of 131 district council members, and alternates, of the 132 appointments that integrated the agreement approved by the Local Council of Oaxaca, on 6 December.

The respective office was received in the local board this weekend and it specifies that the resolution was adopted by unanimous vote of the council members, Marco Antonio Baños Martinez, Lorenzo Córdova Vianello, Macarita Elizondo Gasperín, Alfredo Figueroa Fernandez, Sergio García Ramirez, Francisco Guerrero Aguirre, Maria Marvan Laborde, Benito Hernández and counselor Nacif President Leonardo Valdés Zurita.

The resolution corresponds to the appeal lodged by the electoral coalition "Progressive Movement" against the deal A06/OAX/CL/06-12-11 approved by the Local Council on the appointment of district councilors IFE for processes electoral 2011-2012 and 2014-2015.

In the letter addressed by the Legal Department of the IFE confirm the agreement of the Local Council at a first point is resolved, and in a second, the revocation in regard to the appointment of C. Hugo Reyes Ernesto Casas states, as director of District Council electoral own 09 with head in Santa Lucía del Camino.

Given this fact, the General Council instructs the executive chairman of the District Council to convene alternate director of the formula 5, so that at the next meeting to celebrate the electoral body, render the corresponding oath of office.

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