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IEEPO will support conservation work, study and protection of languages

Posted by @ Shinji_Harper on Tuesday, January 10, 2012
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Oaxaca, Mexico -. The current administration is fully convinced of the conservation and protection of the diversity of Oaxaca and its tangible assets such as their native languages ​​because it will be preserved for posterity our community knowledge.

So said the director general of IEEPO, Bernardo Vásquez Colmenares Guzman, to take the protest to the new director of CEDELIO, Dr. Oscar Mendez Espinoza.

The official said so suitable for this meeting to ratify and confirm the interest of the Institute to work closely and support the difficult tasks that must contend with the new team of the Centre for Study and Development of the Indigenous Languages ​​of Oaxaca (Cedelio).

"I am convinced that Oscar and his team to make it possible, for our part, we will be prepared to manage Cedelio, an agenda of issues that allow us to structurally address not only the immediate, but what is important and work on behalf of the education and empowerment, conservation, protection and study of the native languages ​​in Oaxaca. "

For its part, the new director of Cedelio, Dr. Oscar Mendez Espinoza, alluded to the delicate situation facing at least four of the 16 languages ​​in the state of Oaxaca, which warned it is in danger of extinction: the Ixcateco, the Chocholteco, the Zoque, Chontal and Cuicateco.

"Every time a native language is lost, a way of seeing the world is lost," said Mendez Espinoza therefore called on governments, experts, scholars, teachers, politicians, society in general, to provide a real and decisive to prevent indigenous languages ​​continue losing effort.

"We must make every effort effort to help this to stop, we take responsibility for what involves meeting 16 languages, suffering, living very different situations, so these languages ​​require responsibility and everyone's help institutions, experts, urges to do something for them that we become responsible to be preserved, "said the director of Cedelio which began its work today, which will play over the next three years.

He mentioned that he and the team that will lead the center, are all native speakers of languages ​​as the general manager said IEEPO, Guzmán Bernardo Vásquez Colmenares, we must work to preserve our heritage for posterity, stressed director Cedelio

"All that we assume today the challenge, we are speaking and therefore s son of native peoples, the responsibility is ours, but we want to share that responsibility with you. If we want these languages ​​are used, we have to work on them all, that's the challenge, that's the commitment. "

He explained that there are languages ​​such as Zapotec and Mixtec with infinite variations, there is a risk that if we assume the challenge of caring for and address these various forms of expression also be with languages ​​that are about to leave "some say this will happen in 50 years, I see that the problem we are living, "he said.

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