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It will start the XIV International Festival of Dance in Oaxaca

Posted byShinji_Harper the Wednesday, February 29, 2012
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Oaxaca, México.- from 2 to 10 next March, will be held in the Oaxacan capital Fourteenth International Dance 2012, with the participation of 24 local, national and international companies, to interpret what is known as the Language of the Soul.

This artistic event, which since 1999 has been developing, aims to promote and develop the dance movement, through its various genres, such as contemporary, classic, urban and folk.

In this regard, the artistic coordinator of the event, Gerardo Hernández Ibáñez and director of the Oaxacan Culture House, Raul Ramos Silva, agreed that dance is a natural expression of man, which should be promoted to strengthen the diverse cultural areas.

Ibanez Hernandez said the momentum that the State Government through the Ministry of Culture and the Arts, Casa de la Cultura, AC Koreos expression and projection being made to keep this feast that will have an investment of one million 380 thousand pesos where all creators, performers, performers and audience form a symbiosis of complicity to create.

The presentations will be held in the Garden "The Pañuelito" and Macedonio Alcalá Juarez and theaters, where you can appreciate the artistic development of Oaxacan 15 companies, five national and four international from the United States, Spain, France, Ecuador and Argentina.

They joined the dance performances during these days, exhibitions, book presentations and technical refresher courses with teachers Inthamoussú Martin of Uruguay and Cuba also made Yamile Lozano.

The programming of the Fourteenth International Dance Oaxaca 2012, can be found on page www.casadeculturaoaxaqueña.com.mx and tickets can be purchased at the box office of Teatro Juarez and the Macedonio Alcalá and in the House of Oaxacan culture.



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